Team Guide Application

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    China, Columbia, France, India, Romania, Indonesia, and Turkey
  • Being a Team Guide is a very involved and important part of our Dance Festival. Please read through the following expectations and sign that you have read and understood what is required to be a Team Guide.
    • You will work closely with your Team Director. You will be responsible to go over the schedule for each day, arrange for extra practices, arrange for community performances and make sure your team understands the schedule. The best thing you can do for them is to know their schedule. Know WHERE they need to be, WHEN they need to be there, and WHAT your team is doing each day. Push as needed to keep them on time and in good form. Ask questions and give feedback to the Festival Directors each day to help clarify the schedule.
    • Work closely with your team Housing Director. He/she is responsible for finding Host Families to house, feed, and transport all members of your team. Be sure to relay any changes or important information to the Housing Director. He/she will keep the host families up to date. He/she will direct where everyone is staying. You and your Housing Director will work together to resolve any housing problems.
    • You should get a list from the Team Director each day of the dances they will be performing at each performance and in what costumes. You will help MC for your team. Arrange for props as needed by the teams. Learn and help teach gala Opener and Closers.
    • Team Guides should be at each event. Make sure teams have the equipment they need. Take flyers to hand out and be prepared to answer questions about the festival.
    • PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL AT ALL TIMES! We need to make sure we are portraying a professional image for our festival. Please dress appropriately and make sure that you are not visiting with friends more than helping your team. Each team will complete an evaluation of our festival, and “Team Guides” is one category they will be evaluating.
    • Be aware of your team. Are they happy with their host families? Are they being taken care of? Are they arriving promptly to scheduled events and practices? We want them to be happy. Small problems can usually be resolved if they are caught before they become BIG problems. Try to work ahead to avoid conflicts.
    • Being a Team Guide is a full-time job. You will need to be available 100% of the time from Monday, July 20 – Sunday, July 25.
    • Possible teams this year: China, Columbia, France, India, Romania, Indonesia, and Turkey.
  • By placing your initials and date in these boxes you are agreeing to the above expectations and are equally signing said expectations as if you would be signing your name.